BFCM SPECIAL DEAL- Hair Smoothening Care Combo-- Bye Bye Frizz

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This combo pack Contains

1 set Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Conditioner 
1pc Argan Oil Serum
1pc Argan Hair mask
You will love the luxurious touch of our amazing shampoo and conditioner formula!

A Must in Every Routine: The Herbishh shampoo and conditioner set has a powerful blend of premium, plant-based ingredients that can help restore the natural beauty and vitality of your hair, infusing it with essential nutrients necessary for your hair to thrive.

Complete Care: Our argan oil hair shampoo and conditioner set can help maintain the optimal moisture and nutrient balance, hydrating your hair from its deepest layers and improving scalp and root conditions.

Natural Blend: These hair products are based on natural argan oil enriched with all-natural herbal extracts such as jojoba, rosemary leaf, almond, jasmine oil as well as Ginko Biloba, Salvia Japonica, nutgrass, aloe vera, proteins, and vitamins.

For Soft and Shiny Hair: The Herbishh shampoo and conditioner set has an intensely moisturizing formula packed with nutrients and vitamins that can help lock in natural moisture and hydrate your scalp, leaving the hair silky smooth and radiant.

Intensive Repair: Our argan oil hair set can help repair and strengthen hair follicles, contributing to strong and healthy hair that will not go unnoticed. The formula also comes in a practical 500ml bottle for more convenience and easy handling.


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