Expert Tips for Keeping Your Grey Hair Healthy and Shining

Are you a member of the "Grey Hair Grey Hair Go Away" gang? You aren't alone, there are many people who do not like to have grey hair. But unfortunately, grey hairs are a fact that you cannot deny. With age and several other factors like stress, genetics, lifestyle, and hormonal imbalances, melanocytes slow down and stop producing melanin, the natural pigment in skin and hair. When melanin secretion stops your hair lacks pigment which further results in greying of hair. 

Moreover, melanin protects hair and skin from environmental damages as well, hence when melanin secretion stops your hair becomes more vulnerable to UV rays which may lead to broken hair, split ends, tangles, frizzing, cuticle damage, and yellowing of hair. 

Usually, many women prefer coloring their grey hair to avoid the above-mentioned effects or because they love colored strands. However, maintaining the color of grey hair can be tricky, time-consuming, and expensive, which is why many women choose to embrace their greys. So the choice is up to you. 

Whether you choose to color your grey hair or keep them as they are, we at Herbishh have brought you some of the expert tips to keep it healthy and shining. Check these out:

You need to be more careful with your greys than before.

Grey hairs have reduced elasticity and strength which makes them highly breakable. So you need to be extra careful when styling them. Avoid over styling and using too much heat else your hair strands will become more damaged than before. You can try using a protein treatment every four to eight weeks for strengthening your hair if your hair feels brittle or weak.

Lock in as much moisture as possible.

Grey hairs often tend to be drier than before, so you need to be meticulous with conditioners and moisturizers. Make sure to use oils for sealing in moisture and using a daily leave-in conditioner. If you still find them dry and dull, make sure to go for deep conditioning once a week. 

Keep conditioners and other hair products with mineral oil at bay.

Mineral oils tend to coat your hair and weigh them down which further makes it more difficult for the moisture to penetrate your grey hair. Therefore, make sure to avoid hair products that have mineral oil as an ingredient.  

Never use harsh shampoos and other chemicals as it can dry out your hair.

Chemical-laden shampoos and other hair products dry out your grey hair even more. Also, shampoos with harmful chemicals like sulfate and parabens can cause discoloration of your grey hair. But you cannot eliminate shampoo completely. You can go for our organic shampoo for grey hair that contains all-natural ingredients and active botanicals like Argan oil, Olive oil, Noni Fruit, Wild Ginseng, and Herbal Mushroom. While Argan oil retains the moisture, olive oil strengthens your hair, Noni fruit enhances hair tone and texture, Wild Ginseng fights dandruff and stimulates hair growth and Herbal Mushroom acts as an anti-greying agent restoring your natural hair color. Our organic shampoo for grey hair is also an organic color shampoo as it offers a 3-in-1 effect i.e. shampoo, color, and condition.

Be extra protective from UV radiation.

UV radiation can damage your grey hair heavily, so make sure to wear a hat or scarves when you are out in the sun.

Also, remember that a healthy body is necessary to have healthy hair! So be healthy and follow a healthy lifestyle.

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