Why should you prefer ammonia-free organic colour shampoo for grey hair?

People wish to use a hair color made with safe ingredients. Hair colouring is primarily used to cover grey hair or to make the hair look stylish & flourish. But hair dyeing, on the other hand, is a time-consuming yet hectic process for most people! 

What should you do to protect the grey hair that hurts your personality? 

You have numerous options to cover up your grey hair. 

  • You can go with traditional hair dyes or colors with chemical components & damage with toxic properties! 
  • You can go with organic color shampoo as it is made with safe ingredients that never damage your hair. 

Why not try a simple, easy-to-use, and safe organic shampoo for grey hair? At Herbishh, we provide premium-grade organic shampoo for grey hair, which allows you to shampoo, color, and condition your grey hair with a single-use. It is free from toxic properties, like ammonia or parabens, found in traditional hair dyes or color pigments. It will never damage your hair.  

The growing awareness regarding the side effects of color shampoo makes an impact on consumer behavior. People are switching to natural and organic shampoo to fix their grey or dull-looking hair. It helps them to avoid the toxins found in regular hair colour and dyes. As one of the top brands in the industry, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that chemical components & damaging toxic properties are unsafe and damage your hair shaft. So, if you want to color & maintain your grey hair, choosing our ammonia-free organic shampoo for grey hair could be the right option. 

Here are the reasons that strongly support this stance:  

It’s gentle 

Our organic color shampoo for grey hair is gentle on your hair as well as your skin. It's free of ammonia, paraben, and other potentially dangerous ingredients. It will neither damage your hair nor make it feel brittle. We advise you to always take a sensitivity patch test before applying our organic color shampoo to your hair if you have any doubt.

It protects your hair from dryness

Ammonia & paraben content destroys the natural oils and moisture level in your hair. Therefore, it will ruin the quality of your hair and make it look soft feel dry. Using our organic shampoo for grey hair color is ideal for enhancing your hair quality. It will not only cover the grey hair color but make it feel softer & smoother. 

It makes your grey hair look shiny, natural, and well-nourished

Enhancing your grey-looking hair with our organic color shampoo could be a satisfying experience. It also retains the essence of your hair for longer. An organic way of coloring your hair can be easily noticeable to others since it makes it look well-nourished, natural with shiny luster. So, opt for an organic color shampoo that keeps your grey hair shiny and well-nourished. 

It is safe

Regular use of hair color shampoo with ammonia content may damage the hair cuticles day by day! It prevents moisture retention capacity in your hair, making your hair brittle and dry. So, we recommend choosing an organic shampoo for grey hair as it doesn’t contain harmful ammonia or paraben. It is safe for your hair to keep hair well-nourished.  

It is odorless

Any hair color shampoo product with ammonia will undoubtedly release a pungent odor. You can sense it while applying it to your hair. Such an offensive & hurtful odour might cause nausea, coughing, and throat irritation. So, go with our odorless organic color shampoo for an ammonia-free hair color solution.

Coloring your hair can be a pretty good idea if you like to give it a refreshing change now and then. You can use our organic shampoo for grey hair, which is a widely popular ingredient in hair color products. It is safe to lighten the natural hair pigments and cover the grey or dull hair color. So, we highly recommend that you opt for hair color products that do not contain ammonia or any other harmful chemical agents. As one of the top hair color shampoo suppliers, we offer the safest hair color, shampooing, nourishing solutions for you. Explore our range of ammonia-free organic color shampoo products.

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