All About Grey Hair – You Should Know


The arrival of gray hair and the first gray hair is a clear sign of aging that women are not ready to face. Although it is natural and common that all women live at a certain age (some earlier than others), there are only a few who wear their gray hair with pride.

To learn more about gray hair, don't miss the causes of gray hair below!

Why Your Hair Turns Gray

It is well known that gray hair is the result of reduced pigmentation, while white hair is pigment free, but the reason for this is still a mystery.

Initially, the hair is white. Melanin is the reason of the natural color of the hair. With age comes a reduction in melanin. The hair turns gray and eventually white.

  • Stress

Another great factor that generates the appearance of gray hair is stress. Although it does not make the hair turn completely gray, it does help in the appearance of gray hair, since stress is involved in many skin and hair problems.

It may be that the hair you lose during a stressful event may grow back with gray. And this is something that you can try to regulate and control on a daily basis, since it also affects other aspects of health.

  • Lifestyle

The lifestyle you lead also plays a factor in your hair. For example, smoking stresses the skin and hair. Low levels of vitamin B12 levels cause loss of hair pigment. It is advisable to consume foods with many vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to protect cells from toxins.

Diet Which Could Help In Gray hair?

However, hypothyroidism, vitiligo, or vitamin B12 deficiency is related to loss of hair color.

Walnuts : Walnuts contain high level of copper, which is a great source of melanin.

Shrimp : By eating shrimp, you can get a good source of zinc, which helps you preserve the original color of your hair.

Chicken And Egg : These foods are extremely essential for the production of melanin.

Sprouts : Sprouts of grasses such as wheat and barley contain a large number of antioxidants, including catalase. Fresh, raw and organically grown plants are best, as high temperatures, production processes and long storage time weaken or destroy catalase enzymes.

How To Cover Your Gray Hair?

Hair Color Shampoo : It is the most widely used remedy and you can do it in a hairdressing salon or in your own home. Also, it is less aggressive hair dye that do not contain ammonia.

Highlights : Another of the preferred remedies for many women is highlights. Thus, you can exclusively color the areas where there are gray hairs.

Concealer Spray : This solution is valuable if you have a common hair color and you have to use it for a special occasion.

How To Style Your Gray Hair?

Style Your Gray Hair

Meanwhile, gray hair is in fashion and more and more women are choosing to stop dying to leave their hair silver, departing from the aesthetic conventions based on the cult of youth.

The trend was imposed in places like, where women interact tired of having to undergo regular dyeing and reluctant to chemicals.


Don’t be overstressed by your hair color. All hair colors are good. Take care of your hair, stay happy and enjoy them.

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