Embrace the Magic of Ammonia-Free Hair Dye

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Do you want to make your hair gorgeous and vibrant? If yes, you must have thought about applying ammonia-based hair colors. They are highly effective in delivering desired results but often come with many side effects.

From the pungent smell to hair fall, the demerits can sometimes outweigh the benefits. Fortunately, there's a proven solution on the horizon, i.e. Herbishh ammonia-free hair dye shampoo. Please check out this blog and understand more about ammonia-based hair colors and their side effects, and the benefits of Herbishh ammonia-free hair dye shampoo.

Understanding Ammonia-Based Hair Colors

Ammonia has been the key ingredient in hair coloring products, which causes hair follicles to swell. This swelling opens up the hair cuticle, making it easier for the hair dye to penetrate deeper and stay longer. As a result, it will give your hair a vivid and lasting color. However, this process comes at a cost, as ammonia can cause several undesirable effects.

Understanding the Side Effects of Ammonia-Based Hair Colors

Pungent Smell –

The ammonia-based hair dyes produce a pungent smell that can be overwhelming and unpleasant.


The fumes generated from ammonia can irritate the nose, eyes, and scalp as well as cause skin itching, burning, and discomfort.

Hair Damage –

Ammonia can cause an imbalance in the pH level that can result in protein and moisture loss. It can make your hair dry, damaged, and prone to breakage.

Hair Fall –

Ammonia can weaken hair strands which can significantly contribute to hair fall and thinning.

Choosing the Ammonia-Free Solution: Hair Color Shampoo

The ammonia-free hair dye shampoo leaves you with a beautiful hair color. As the name suggests, it doesn’t contain ammonia, and rest assured that your hair and scalp remain protected from harmful chemicals. Hence, get ready to embrace vibrant, healthy hair with beautiful hair color.

Why Do You Switch to Ammonia-Free Natural Dye Shampoo?

No Irritation –

Your hair won’t need to be bothered about the discomfort caused by ammonia-based dyes. Ammonia-free hair dyes eliminate the risk of scalp, eye, and nose irritation. So, you can expect a more comfortable coloring experience at home.

Hair Growth –

Ammonia can strip hair of essential moisture and proteins. But you should switch to ammonia-free hair color shampoos that nourish your hair and improve hair growth. The shampoo contains superior-quality ingredients like Argan oil, Noni fruit, Wild Ginseng, Olive oil, and Herbal Mushroom. With this ammonia-free hair treat, your hair will be in for a treat.

No Bad Smell –

You must be familiar with the strong chemical smell coming from ammonia-based hair colors. Ammonia-free products offer refreshing fragrances that will help you enjoy a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Long-Lasting Color –

Switch to Herbishh ammonia-free shampoo and get a vibrant and lasting color that can grace your locks for up to three to four weeks.

Final Conclusion

Ammonia-free hair color shampoos give you an opportunity to achieve stunning hair color without compromising on the overall comfort and health of your hair. Providing benefits like no irritation, hair growth, pleasant aroma, and long-lasting color, these shampoos are the must-haves for both men and women.

So, shop for Herbishh ammonia-free hair dye shampoo and say hello to vibrant and healthier hair. At Herbishh, we believe your hairlocks deserve nothing less than the best. So, add a bottle of Herbishh hair color shampoo to your Herbishh shopping cart and get exciting offers.

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    Are you supposed to wash your hair with this every time you need to shampoo? If so, how do you protect the sink against stains?

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