Tame Your Frizzy Hair With Keratin

If you have frizzy hair you need to read this for help with taming it!

Whether your hair is coarse, kinky, frizz or just wavy frizzy it can be frustrating. Thankfully you don't have to live with it and fight through spending time styling only to end up looking like you haven’t done a thing an hour later.

Keratin to the rescue!!

If you look closely at a strand of hair you will see it’s outside layers look almost like a pinecone. When the layers are laying down the hair is smooth and shiny, when the layers are lifted is when the hair can look rough, damaged, and frizzy. This is where keratin comes in.

Keratin treatments are designed to be smoothing treatments for the hair. Since hair is comprised of keratin and is lacking some of that when the outside (cuticle layer) of the hair is open, the keratin treatments add additional keratin to the hair filling in the gaps resulting in smoother, healthier looking, shinier hair. Think of it as shrink wrapping your hair in goodness!

The keratin treatment is applied to your hair and then sealed on with the heat of the blow dryer and flat iron. Since this treatment is not a traditional smoothing treatment that uses chemicals that alter the hair structure it can typically be done on almost every hair type. The treatments can also help with hair color retention by sealing in the color molecules the hair color does not
fade as quickly and improve the look of hair that has been highlighted. (Read instructions)

Once you have the keratin treatment on your hair it is very important to use the proper products to maintain your treatment and avoid stripping away the keratin you just added and getting the longest lasting results. Keratin is designed to wear away ( think of the shrink wrapping mentioned earlier) over time but by using products infused with keratin and free of ingredients
that are not recommended you will replace some of the keratin that is naturally wearing away and therefore have a better overall result. HERBISHH offers a complete set with everything you need to do a treatment on your hair and maintain it.

Treatments come in different varieties depending on the texture of your hair and the desired results. Read the descriptions to help you decide which is right for you.

As a side note, even if you don’t feel that you necessarily need a keratin treatment but do battle with a little bit of frizz you can benefit from using keratin shampoo and conditioner. Since the maintenance products contain keratin you will notice an improvement in the condition of your hair as well as nicer results when styling. Visit HERBISHH for more information on keratin as
well as a variety of natural, herbal, organic products.

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