Tips to Choose Ideal Hair Color


Do you often wonder about that; Which hair dye suits you? Do you want to change hair color? Or even do you want to cover your grey hair? If you need some advice to choose the color of the dye, stay with us because we are going to tell you about everything that how the color of your hair can influence.

1. Choose Hair Color According To Your Eyes

Hair Color According To Your Eyes

One of the elements that determines which hair color suits you best is the tone of your eyes :

  • Black Eyes

Black eyes pair well with chocolate, brown, black tints. In the case of dark brown eyes also mahogany usually sits well.

  • Brown Eyes

Brown colors fit perfectly with this type of eye color, although if you have white skin you can also choose ash blonde or copper blonde.

  • Green Eyes

Paler skins with green eye color are usually favored by blonde tints , while tanned skins with green eyes fit well with brown or copper blondes.

  • Blue Eyes

Blond manes will do better with paler skins, while tanned skins with blue eyes are favored with golden shades and bronde hair.

2. Choose Hair Color According To Your Skin Tone

Hair color According to your skin tone

Skin tones is one of the major aspects to consider;

Bonus Tip : Choosing your hair color is so important and can make or break your entire look!

Knowing how to determine the best hair color for you is easy…

Just look at the underside of your arm in natural light. If you have a pink or rosy undertone with blue tinted veins, you have a cool skin tone.

If you have golden or apricot undertone with green tinted veins, you have a warm skin tone.

Warm Colors For Warm Skin Tones

If you have warm skin, it will be very easy to choose the hair dye shampoo to enhance the face.

Colors such as chestnut, mahogany or aubergine will be an interesting option to consider. If you want to reflect younger skin, you can try light chestnuts. Highlights can also be a great option.

Cool Colors For Cool Skin Tones

For people who have cold skin, which is the clearest, there are also many options to choose from. You can choose colors such as gold, light blonde, copper or chestnut. For darker skin tone, a soft tint is recommended. This serves to make the change with the hair much more harmonious. Otherwise, the result would be too artificial.

3. Choose Hair Color According To Your Age

Hair Color According To Your Age

 If you are between 20 and 35 years old, you have the opportunity to experiment with fantasy colors, Nordic blondes, explosive reds and even jet black or bluish.

If you are between 35 and 45, brown, copper and caramel hair colors are ideal, you can even combine them. Avoid the platinum blondes since you can look older, and don’t use black for your grey coverage because it will harden your features a lot.

From 45, the percentage of gray hair shoots up and the hair loses material and the density and quantity are reduced. Therefore, in addition to taking this into account, we will take special measures to care for and restore this density.

That means that we should avoid aggressive discolorations or colors with very high oxidants that can damage our hair. Try using hair color shampoo which is ammonia free and would be beneficial for your hair.


  • Diep

    I would like to get more choices in color selection please. More golden or light chestnuts color.
    ——— replied:
    Hi, Thanks for reaching out! Below are the colors we have for you. With the color shampoo, one can’t go a shade lighter from dark hair as it doesn’t have any bleaching agent in it & it’s a mild formula. So, select a color that matches your current hair color for getting the desired result. Which colors will suit your hair shade? Black Hair – Choose Black/ Mix any shade with Black to get a hue/tint Dark Brown Hair – Choose Dark Brown/ Black/ Mix any shade with Dark Brown Light Brown Hair – Light Brown/ Light Brown mix with Linen Dark Blonde Hair – Linen Red Hair – Wine Red/ Grape Red/ Burgundy Red Auburn Hair – Mix Dark Brown with Chestnut Brown or any red shades Thanks Emmy| Marketing Director 📞 +1 888-862-1770 ✉️ 🌐[facebook icon] [twitter icon] [youtube icon] [instagram icon] [pinterest icon]

  • Annette Lung

    I would like to buy golden brown or chestnut hair color. When I try to order. You seem to only be able to order black. There is no menu for all the colours or products you sell

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