Tips to Keep Your Blondes Damage Free


Do you have blonde hair naturally? Then you are a lucky af! As so many people are investing a lot of money in getting their hair blonde. However, taking care of blonde hair, be it natural or colored needs extra attention. Natural blonde requires different care than the bleached hair. 

Natural blondes are free from harsh effects of color treatments but are more prone to hair damage due to environmental factors. That is because, blonde strands are more porous naturally, hence absorb more of the environment they are exposed to be it sunlight or chemicals such as chlorine. You even need to choose the right hair products otherwise you may end of making your blondes dry, brittle and dull!

We at Herbishh have brought you some of the best blonde hair care tips to keep the strands healthy, nurtured and bright.

Make Sure to Keep Your Blondes Moisturized

As already mentioned, blonde hair is more porous than the other natural hair colors shampoo. Moreover, the drier your hair gets, more penetrable it becomes, allowing it to attract color from environmental elements, products and smoke. Hence, dried blonde hair isn't a good combination! That is why, it is important to keep your blondes moisturized especially for natural ones. For keeping your blondes moisturized opt for an organic cleanser and shampoo like our Herbishh blonde hair color shampoo that not only cleans your hair but also colors and conditions your hair keeping it moisturized and healthy and leaving it silky smooth.

Keep Your Hair Protected from the Sun

The sun rays can damage all hair colors and types but it has more impact on blonde hair as these tend to be finer. Keep your blonde hair shielded from sun by wearing a wide brimmed hat or scarf when you are outside. You can also use SPF spray or powder designed specifically for hair. 

Protect from Heat As Well

You should also avoid frequent use of hot styling tools such as dryers, curling irons and likewise as these can make your blondes frizzy and damaged. Keep heat styling minimal and make sure to use a heat protectant before using the heating tools on your hair. 

Stay Away from Chlorine

Chlorine can damage your hair color be it blonde or any other color. Chlorine not only turns your strands green but also strips away natural hair oils from your scalp, leaving it dry and strands brittle, which in turn makes your hair prone to breakage. It also makes your hair more porous! Always make a bun and wear a swim cap before entering into the chlorinated water. Also, make sure to clean your hair using a good blonde hair color shampoo like the one from Herbishh to minimize chlorine absorption.

Pro Tip: Use cold water to wash your hair!

For more such tips and to buy organic blonde hair color shampoo visit our website today.


  • Melanie

    I have seen ads for gold and gold blonde but can’t find anywhere to buy it. I’ve watched all the videos of linen and it’s too dark for my natural color. Pls advice.

    ——— replied:
    Hi Melanie,

    Thank you for your interest, our team is working tirelessly to have the Gold and Blonde shades available as soon as possible and we will let you know once it’s available.

    We can offer the Gold brown or the Linen the darkest shade of blonde and if you feel darker you can mix it with lighter color. Thank you so much!

  • Kimberly

    Please bring back gold blonde. This color was perfect for me.



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