What Questions to Ask About Coloring Your Hair?

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Are you going to color your hair for the first time? If you have never colored your hair before, it can be a big step for you! Deciding what to choose and which is better can leave you in a dilemma!   


To help you, we came up with the most commonly asked questions about coloring your hair. Read on to find out! 

  1. Can I Color My Hair at Home?

You can conveniently and safely color your hair at home. You can use Herbishh hair color shampoo to enjoy a hassle-free coloring experience. We have made hair coloring simple, effective, and safe. Now, you do not have to rely on a professional for hair coloring! Hair coloring is as easy as shampooing your hair. Experience three in one- hair coloring, cleansing, and conditioning with Herbishh! 

  1. Is there a chance of Hair Damage?

No Chance of Hair damage or fall! When you use herbal and no ammonia hair color shampoo-Herbishh, it ensures a damage-free coloring experience. 

Ammonia-based hair color causes hair damage and results in scalp irritation. It is better to ditch the ammonia-based hair color and rely on Herbishh to enjoy the best and desired results. 

Ammonia-free hair color shampoo, Herbishh, is a fast and effective way to color your hair without experiencing irritation and damage. Our hair color shampoo has the finest ingredients, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and ammonia free. It is about getting healthy colored hair that looks natural. 


  1. What about the Grey Coverage? Can the Hair Color Cover My Grey Hair Strands?

The Herbishh hair color shampoo can cover your grey hair strands efficiently! Use our hair color shampoo in the desired tone to see the best and fast grey coverage. Our hair color shampoo colors your grey strands and makes them look healthy with a natural shine. Enhance your grey hair with organic Herbishh color shampoo to enjoy a satisfying coloring experience. 

  1. How Long Does the Color Last?

It takes ten to fifteen minutes to color your hair using Herbishh hair color shampoo, which lasts up to three to four weeks. Our hair color shampoo is formulated with organic ingredients and colors and restores your hair to ensure well-nourished shiny locks. 


At Herbishh, We Care for You and Your Hair!

Coloring your hair with Herbishh hair color shampoo allows you to achieve a desired and natural look. You can find our no ammonia hair color shampoo in different colors like black, purple, brown, red, and blonde. Choose the one that matches your shade for the best results and grey coverage. 

Men and women can use our herbal hair color shampoo and start a grey-free life in a few minutes! It is not about spending hundreds and thousands of dollars or your valuable hours to color your hair. 

If you care for your hair and want it to look lustrous and natural after coloring, consider Herbishh hair color shampoo! Experience magic in a single bottle of Herbishh hair color shampoo! It gives you the benefits of shampoo, color, and condition at one time.  

Save Time! Save Money! 

Save Hair from Damage! 

Rely on Herbishh- organic hair color shampoo for the best, quick and effective results!

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  • juliette Guirguis

    I have keratine treatment on my hair.. I have to use Sulfate free shampoo. Which hair color shampoo I should use from your products.?

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