Why Is Ammonia-Free Color Shampoo Best For Your Hair?


Choose No Ammonia Hair Color

Do you want to change your look overnight? What about coloring your hair? When you think about hair color brands, does the word 'ammonia' ring warning bells in your ears? Are you aware of the benefits of using no ammonia color shampoo for your hair? How does no ammonia hair color be the best choice? In this post, we are going to discuss why to use herbal ammonia-free hair coloring shampoo. Please read on.

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What are Ammonia-based Hair Colors?

Ammonia serves as the agent that allows the hair follicles to swell to absorb the dye. The swollen hair follicles allow the dye to soak deeper and last longer. An ammonia-based hair color no-doubt gives the desired results but also causes plenty of side effects that can leave you frustrated. 

Side Effects of Ammonia-based hair color:

1. Strong smell

2. Irritation to the nose and eyes

3. Dry and damaged to the hair

4. Hair fall

What is No Ammonia Hair Color Shampoo? 

The ammonia-free color shampoo is a new revolution to color your hair without any harmful chemicals. As the name suggests, these are free from ammonia and other harmful chemicals. A no ammonia hair color shampoo is a quick and convenient way to get healthy strands. You can color without any worries. No ammonia hair color ensures that your hair does not get damaged and restores hair color that lasts up to three to four weeks. 

Reasons to Use Ammonia-free Natural Dye Shampoo:

No Irritation:

Ammonia can irritate the scalp, nose, and eyes. You can experience an itchy or burning sensation in your scalp, eyes, or nose due to ammonia. 

Using ammonia-free natural hair dye shampoo prevents irritation and addresses scalp issues like dandruff. 

Promotes Hair Growth:

Ammonia disturbs the pH balance of the hair and results in protein and moisture loss. It results in hair fall. 

No ammonia hair color protects hair and allows hair to breathe and nourish. Its active botanicals like Argan oil, Noni fruit, Wild Ginseng, Olive oil, and Herbal Mushroom promotes hair growth and ensures healthier strands. 

No Pungent Smell:

You can say Goodbye to the pungent smell that comes from using ammonia-based hair color. 

Ammonia-free hair coloring products have a refreshing smell that makes you feel better. 

Benefits of Ammonia-Free Hair Color Shampoo:

It is the best alternative to ammonia-based industrial dyes. 

1. Adds softness and strengthens hair

2. Prevents frizzy and dry hair

3. Repairs hair from roots to tips

4. Enhances the natural hair texture

5. Addresses dandruff issues

6. Strengthens hair follicles

7. Restores natural hair color

8. Allows you to do shampoo, color, and condition

So, are you ready to use ammonia-free color shampoo? Try Herbishh herbal hair color shampoo! Use it and witness exemplary results!


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