Does Argan Oil Promote Hair Growth?

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Argan oil is called ‘liquid gold for a very good reason!

It is extracted from the Argan tree fruit from Morocco. Are you aware that pure argan oil has been used for centuries for cooking too? In today’s world, you can find it in several skin and hair products.

Speaking of hair products, oil and argan, in general, are used in shampoos as well. It gives a great texture to your hair and makes it silky and smooth.

The question is - Does it also promote hair growth? Herbal essences argan oil is most certainly beneficial for hair. This quick post will reveal whether it can promote hair growth.

Argan Oil May Help with Hair Loss

Your hair is your biggest asset. Although no research is accessible on argan oil, specifically for hair fall or hair loss. However, it is proven to be helpful for scalp and hair health.

The oil may protect your hair from loss and breakage. Vitamin E’s presence in argan oil helps you strengthen your hair and also improves hair growth. Little research conducted in 2010 shows that hair growth is possible with consistent use of argan oil.

Argan oil is packed with powerful antioxidants. The fatty acids in the argan oil help in keeping your hair moisturized. It also protects your hair against any styling damage or damage caused by free radicals. This leads to less shedding and breakage.

When there is less hair loss, and your hair stays smooth and nourished, it will also promote hair growth.

Getting lush, beautiful, and long hair is on everyone’s radar, so you must use argan hair oil. This brings us to the next question - How do you use argan oil?

In the next section, we will tell you how you can use argan oil for hair growth and reduce hair fall significantly.

Using Argan Oil for Hair Growth

  1. Make Argan Oil Hair Mask at Hom

    You can go to a spa, but it takes hundreds of dollars every month. How about making an argan oil hair mask at home?

    You can mix castor oil and coconut oil with argan oil and massage it on your hair. The oil should cover your roots and hair strands. Keep the oil in your hair overnight, and then wash it the next day.

    You may also order a Pro Keratin Argan hair mask, if you are pressed for time.

  2. Use it as a Styling Product

    Use argan oil as a general styling product. Squeeze some product in your palm, and then apply it to your strands.

    Keep it on for a few hours. Your hair will not feel sticky, so keep it throughout the day. This will help in nourishing your hair and promoting hair growth.

Concluding Thoughts

Argan oil provides unlimited benefits, so make sure you get a bottle of it.

The oil is great for your skin as well. You can massage your face and other body parts with argan oil and get a smoother texture within a few days!

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  • Barb Marshall

    My daughters adopted son used argan oil on his beard because it wouldn’t grow and it really worked

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